Welcome to La Bonne Ménagère

Our cleaning system has been designed to ensure that every corner of your home is given our full attention. Our trained teams of 2 or 3 associates are always supervised by the franchisee owner-operator. Our products are chosen for their superior performance. Our equipment is specially designed for maximum efficiency to ensure professional cleaning at an affordable price.

We understand that your home is unique. This is why we need to meet you and go over the details of each room with you. It is important that you know our cleaning methods and we know what is important to you. Spending these few minutes together ensures our cleaning is customized to your needs.

Your Team

Our experience has shown that a team of 2 or 3 associates supervised by a franchisee owner-operator is the most efficient and cost-effective method of ensuring quality service every visit. We are proud of our associates and proud of our franchisee owner-operators. Each member of the team has been fully trained and is assigned specific tasks in the 20-step cleaning process. Before leaving your house, the franchisee will verify your home to ensure your satisfaction.

Your Health

Your health is important. That's why we use vacuum cleaners with Hepa filters and take care to use products that are environmentally safe. Bathrooms and sinks are disinfected. Mops and cleaning cloths are used only once and are washed and disinfected daily. Cleaning products for bathrooms and kitchen are kept separate. We take great care to protect your home environment.

Do you have questions like:
- Are you insured?
- What are you rates?
- Is your work guaranteed?