How it works (20 steps process)

1. Bathrooms

  • clean, disinfect and deodorize:
  • shower and bath
    sinks and countertops

  • clean and polish mirrors
  • polish chrome
  • wash the floors
  • dust sills and knick-knacks

2. Kitchen

  • scrub and disinfect sinks
  • clean and polish window over sink
  • clean countertops
  • clean exterior of all appliances
  • wipe exterior of all cabinets
  • clean micro-wave oven (interior and exterior)
  • sweep and wash the floors

3. Bedrooms & all other rooms

  • vacuum the floors
  • wash and dry all floors
  • dust and clean all furniture
  • dust wall hangings, doors, lamps, knick-knacks, shelves etc.
  • dust ledges and baseboards
  • clean and polish mirrors
  • change linens and make beds — master bedroom
  • empty trash baskets

Our guarantee of satisfaction is based on our 20-step cleaning system. We clean your home from kitchen to bathroom and everything in between.


Do you have questions like:
- Are you insured?
-What are you rates?
- Is your work guaranteed?